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我们自豪地宣布, Climate Futures已将主网(mainnet)上实时的Chainlink 以太币 / 美元喂价集成在一起,为1PLANET DApp和由碳信用价值支持的1PLANET代币(1PL)提供交易价格。 1PLANET智能合约使用Chainlink的市场领先的去中心化价格预言机(Oracle)来限制滑点(slippage),并为用户们提供使用以太币购买1PL代币的稳定价格。 这项关键服务是对碳信用进行代币化所需要的,该碳信用赋予1PL代币以真实价值和积极的生态影响,人人应对气候危机参与碳市场2.0的理想,将成为现实!

公司和政府使用碳交易减轻或抵消其二氧化碳排放量。 他们交易的一个单位称为一个“碳信用”,等于一吨二氧化碳。随着政府和企业为应对气候危机而努力建立低碳经济,这些碳减排的目标将成倍增加。 碳信用是全球交易的生态大宗商品 — — 碳市场在2019年的价值为2,140亿美元 — — 但目前这些市场主要由大公司和政府进行交易,而个人和小企业无法参与。 碳信用的真正基础是碳减排活动或项目,即气候项目。 气候项目产生了碳信用,而公司通过出售项目的碳信用,创造了收入,支付了资本投入,和运营成本。也就是说,碳信用亦是公司的一种融资手段。可称为碳融资。

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We are proud to announce that Climate Futures has integrated the Chainlink ETH/USD Price Feed live on mainnet to power the 1PLANET Marketplace DApp and the 1PLANET token (1PL) that is backed by carbon credits. The 1PLANET smart contract uses Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized price oracle to limit slippage and enable stable pricing for users purchasing 1PL tokens with ETH. This critical service is needed for tokenizing the carbon credits that give the 1PL token real value and a positive eco-impact. 1PLANET empowers everyone to fight the climate crisis and participate in Carbon Markets 2.0.

Companies and governments use emissions trading…

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The carbon footprint, as Mike Berners-Lee, author of the book How Bad are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint of Everything, explains it, is the climate change metric we should all be looking at and learn to manage. His explanation avoids scientific jargon and offers a firm handle of this overused buzzword for anyone interested in learning about what he calls the “essential but impossible measure”. The following paragraphs explain the essentials of “What is a carbon footprint?”.

When talking about climate change, footprint is a metaphor for the total environmental impact something contributes to…

Climate Futures

We strongly believe the planet needs our help. Our 1PLANET Marketplace unites the power of blockchain & carbon markets to advance global climate solutions.

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